Monday, February 20, 2012

1958 Airstream Flying Cloud

With the exception of upholstery and kick plates under the galley, the interior of this '58 Flying Cloud is finished. I'll do a complete interior photo shoot when the upholstery is finished and installed.

This is the first trailer that I've used a sliding bath door in and I love it. It's so practical and I made it so it tracks stiffly so it does not need a closure of any sort. The chromed brass handle is from a vintage boat. All original door handles, exterior lights have been buffed and re-chromed.

Some of the highlights are, multiple linoleum inlays in floor and counters. A custom door-guard as seen in the first pic. Vintage lights, appliance timer, paper towel holder, custom metalwork throughout, a fantastic sound system and imported appliances.

All the cabinet doors and sliding bathroom door are solid black walnut. I like using walnut that has mixed colors from heart and sapwood. So, we sort through and hand pick our stock.

This trailer is for Anthony Kiedas of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It will be shipped in March after the exterior is polished.
I'd love to hear comments or criticisms.


  1. David, Can you explain how the sliding bathroom door works in more detail. In the photos I can see a track and wheel it looks like on left.

  2. Hi Jamie
    Johnson Hardware Company
    They make all sorts of sliding door track.
    There are two trollies on top which ride in an aluminum extrusion.
    Very good hardware.

  3. Awesome! I've been bitten by the vintage camper remodeling bug and I'm just finishing the restoration of the Pink Paradise (a 1972 Frolic - featured on my blog). This is a beautiful re-do. Love all the creativity that you can put into one of these. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I like how you did these cabinets with the upward motion. did you install a hinge support so that the door stays open?