Monday, February 20, 2012

1958 Airstream Flying Cloud

With the exception of upholstery and kick plates under the galley, the interior of this '58 Flying Cloud is finished. I'll do a complete interior photo shoot when the upholstery is finished and installed.

This is the first trailer that I've used a sliding bath door in and I love it. It's so practical and I made it so it tracks stiffly so it does not need a closure of any sort. The chromed brass handle is from a vintage boat. All original door handles, exterior lights have been buffed and re-chromed.

Some of the highlights are, multiple linoleum inlays in floor and counters. A custom door-guard as seen in the first pic. Vintage lights, appliance timer, paper towel holder, custom metalwork throughout, a fantastic sound system and imported appliances.

All the cabinet doors and sliding bathroom door are solid black walnut. I like using walnut that has mixed colors from heart and sapwood. So, we sort through and hand pick our stock.

This trailer is for Anthony Kiedas of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It will be shipped in March after the exterior is polished.
I'd love to hear comments or criticisms.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Going through images in my files tonight I came across this fantastic pic of a  child in this amazing Airstream-like pram. I recall it was called a pram, not a stroller, so it must be from the UK. I wonder if this was one of a kind or?...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter has finally arrived here in Michigan after an extended season which resembled a 5 month fall.
The mighty 1962 International Scout...Purchased from the former International Harvester dealer.
I've had it for 15 years and as much as you try you can't get this truck stuck. One of the most dependable vehicles I've ever owned. Too bad the design caused them to rust out so quickly in this climate. This truck has had all the body panels replaced with galvanized.
I really appreciate this entire look and idea, but I do get a little pang in my stomach to see so many vintage trailers that could be used for camping etc being cut up for vending...Sweet Spartan

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This greeting card image was taken last winter. I didn't have enough instant potatoes to simulate this look this year. It's been a pretty snow-less winter. Three cheers!
February 16th - 26th are the dates for this year's Palm Springs Modernism Week. If you're unfamiliar with this event, it's the premier mid-century modernism event of the year. I attended last year was had the privilege of being one of the judges of the vintage trailer rally. The vintage trailer rally is the brainchild of Rich Luhr and Brett Greivldinger of Airstream Life Magazine. Aside from some very cool vintage trailers [this year there will be 22] the highlight of the event is the mid-century architecture of Palm Springs. Check out the event's website and if you're looking to get the hell out of the snow for a week and have a blast this is the place to go! I'm also going to be doing a book-signing at Just Fabulous Books. Hope to see you there!

Articles in Euro Magazines this season

This month's Lotus Magazine, published in the UK was kind enough to write a few words about the studio and our work (read article here). Many thanks to Lotus for this. The title of the article is "Trailer Park Avenue." Kinda cool.
I've been speaking with another writer in the UK these past weeks and hopefully an article will be published in GQ Europe in the next issue. At least I think so. His French accent is so thick I can barely understand him on the phone.